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At Star Applied Limited (SAL) we believe that there is a huge pool of experienced seniors that are still keen to re-engage with the business community and not only share their invaluable experience, enjoy fruitful and financially beneficial engagement but enjoy the bonhomie of a personally rewarding social interaction as well.
While there are various options and programs that cater to the support for elders on how to manage old age, they do not deal with the empowerment and re-engagement for elders. Our seniors still have the spark in them, while they may need to upgrade their skills to meet the technology growth they still have experience and know how in many trades and services.
These are STARS that need to GLOW with some CARE
SAL has created this platform where you can re-engage in the community, generate some income based on a work schedule that you choose as convenient to you. At the same time you can acquire new skills and also share your knowledge and train others. It is time to be out there in the market as per your convenience, share a coffee, join a conversation, and make new friends.
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